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  1. This Year We Put A Garden In
  2. Sherm the Germ
  3. Germs
  4. Germ Stories
  5. Germs
  6. Car Racing (Hardcover)
  7. Peter Jay Black Blackout [name: book_format value: book_format-hardcover]
  8. Robin Hood (A Stepping Stone Book)
  9. Texas Chili? Oh My!
  10. Kathleen Pohl Crocodiles
  11. Farmer John S Farm
  12. Laika
  13. The Pull of Gravity
  14. Kathi Appelt Keeper [name: book_format value: book_format-hardcover]
  15. Patricia Reilly Giff Snaggle Doodles
  16. Patricia Reilly Giff Sky High
  17. The Beadle
  18. Quackenbush Robert Quackenbush Detective Mole [book_format: book_format-paperback]