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  1. Midwest Quality Gloves, Inc. Men's Brown Jersey Dot Gloves, Medium
  2. Union Tools Razor-Back Round Point Shovels, 11.5 X 9 Blade, 48in Fiberglass Straight Handle
  3. 32 oz. Concentrate Grass and Weed Killer
  4. InBloom Sunny Vibes Bouquet, 27 pc.
  5. InBloom Pink Starburst Garden Rose Bouquet, 24 pc.
  6. Kitchencraft Stainless Steel Compost Bin Kitchen Scrap Scraps Lid 5 Litres
  7. 5 Gal. Kitchen Composter
  8. Red Carpet Studios LTD Blue Cosmix Spinner
  9. Red Carpet Studios LTD Triple Ball Spinner
  10. Red Carpet Studios LTD Blue Cosmix Spinner
  11. Red Carpet Studios LTD Spinner
  12. Akro-Mils VNP18000E21 Venetian Flower Box, Chocolate, 18-Inch
  13. Smart Pot - Tan
  14. CYCO Coco Pearl
  15. Bhim Bottle gourd seed packet by Seeds of India
  16. Magic 101 Worm Bedding
  17. Coaxial Cable, 500' White
  18. Spray-N-Grow 1CSNG8SPR Micronutrients, 8-Ounce